Is your license at risk?

Have you ever wondered if your license was at risk? Our licenses, NPI’s numbers, and our ability to write prescriptions are valuable to many who are likely to be less scrupulous than we are. And the risk that NPs can be exposed to varies.

  • Perhaps, you’ve been approached with an opportunity that could help increase your income by just ordering a few tests (this is not uncommon!).
  • Or maybe you left a job and found out they were filing claims in your name for patients you had not seen, or have prescriptions written on your behalf.
  • Your employer could just have hit hard times and is looking to increase their income, or they are just bad apples to the core.

It can be any combination of the above, or something completely different.

Either way, this is something that affects far too many clinicians.

It’s not just your license that may be at risk. Your professional reputation can be tainted…and that can follow you for years, both in terms of your professional relationships as well as your relationship with your community and your patients. At worse, it can affect your ability to get a job, be accepted to graduate school, and more.

This past week, I spoke with a new NPBO™ and hear her story. It was just the most recent of the stories I’ve heard over the years. But this one…reminded me of my story.

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  1. OMGosh…I’m going through this now. I’m actively looking for a new job, while I work to cover my own A$$ at my current work. Thank you for this, it is the validation I needed to keep looking and listen to my gut.

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