Have you ever wondered if your license was at risk? Our licenses, NPI’s numbers, and our ability to write prescriptions are valuable to many who are likely to be less scrupulous than we are. And the risk that NPs can be exposed to varies. Perhaps, you’ve been approached with an opportunity that could help increase Read More

Insurance vs Cash Practice Pros and Cons on NPBusiness.ORG

Quite frequently in the public Facebook NP business group, the question comes up about starting a cash practice vs an insurance-based practice. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and myths around one or the other. Neither is perfect and neither is bad. They are different animals if you will that practices need to learn Read More

Closing Your Practice on the NPBusiness.ORG

Closing a practice can be just as intense as it is when opening a practice, there are a lot of considerations including legal and regulatory issues to be aware of. There are many reasons clinicians decide to close their practice. Change of practice ownership Retirement Illness It’s just not working out for them Moving Tired Read More