Knowing Your Numbers: Payer Mix and Cost per Patient

Cost per patient and payer mix are among the top numbers you need to track when we talk about knowing your numbers. It can make the difference between a practice that is financially solvent and one that is struggling.

When I asked a group of NPs, they did not know the answer.

It does not matter what kind of practice you have, you must understand your expenses – including what it cost you to see a patient, vs what you are getting paid to see that patient. Obviously, if you are getting paid less than what it cost you, there is a problem.

This episode of the podcast, and the corresponding video, will show you how you can quickly figure out if your current payer mix makes sense once you know your cost per patient visit.

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Have you taken the time the figure out your payer mix? Does it make sense for your practice when you look at the cost-per-patient visit? I invite you to share your thoughts, ideas, and/or questions in the comments below.

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