What do you want to know about?

  A few weeks ago, I send out a request on various social media channels and to subscribers of NPBO™ requesting willing participants to fill out a one question survey. What do you want to know about the business of healthcare? The responses have been fantastic and it tells me quite a bit. It will …


Will You Be Ready for the New Chip Cards?

October 2015 is going to be a busy month for practices. Not only do we have ICD-10 implementation, but we have to be ready for changes in credit card technology with the switch to EMV/chip cards and the liability shifts. Read on to learn how this affects your business and practice.


Safely Dispose of Unused Prescription Drugs 9/26/2015

This is an excellent program, not only for those pain medications that our patients may have around, but for all those other out-dated and unused medications that are around the house.  I encourage my colleagues to share this with their communities and patients. DEA ANNOUNCES 10th NATIONAL PRESCRIPTION DRUG TAKE-BACK DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg …


The Invisible Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners continue to be healthcares’ best kept secret. I recently moved to Jefferson City, MO which feels a world away from living in a state where NPs have full practice authority (FPA). I knew that the Missouri practice act was less than ideal. That said, I did not expect when I opened up the …

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Traveling Down Multiple Revenue Streams

Guest post by Dr. Nancy Dirrubo, DNP, FNP and travel health expert. More about Nancy below: Few businesses thrive without more than one revenue stream. Primary care practices add cash only services such as cosmetic dermatology. Some practices sublet space to other providers and collect rental income and benefit from increased exposure. As an NP …