The Invisible Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners continue to be healthcares’ best kept secret. I recently moved to Jefferson City, MO which feels a world away from living in a state where NPs have full practice authority (FPA). I knew that the Missouri practice act was less than ideal. That said, I did not expect when I opened up the phone book to look for offices with NPs that i would find so few NPs listed (really after looking for a bit, I found 4 NPs listed with physician practices). Now Jefferson City is not a large city by any stretch of the imagination, but it is the state capital and has a bit more than 43,000 residents. The town I lived in has less …

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Traveling Down Multiple Revenue Streams

Guest post by Dr. Nancy Dirrubo, DNP, FNP and travel health expert. More about Nancy below: Few businesses thrive without more than one revenue stream. Primary care practices add cash only services such as cosmetic dermatology. Some practices sublet space to other providers and collect rental income and benefit from increased exposure. As an NP business owner who owns a travel clinic, I also offer hard to find travel products and provide continuing education with a new twist. Travel. Imagine getting CEU’s for a unique educational experience where you will rarely see a power point slide. Where you get to observe, discuss, question, and interact and come out thinking in new ways about some big problems. “Health Care in Cuba” …


Go Beyond Burnout

Did you know (she said “tongue-in-cheek”) that healthcare providers get burned out? Yes we do. It does not matter if you are a nurse practitioner (NP), a physician assistant (PA), a physician (MD/DO), a registered nurse (RN) or any other type of healthcare provider…we sometimes just get burned out. Our work is rewarding but it’s hard. Cynthia Howard, RN, CNC, PhD has a story to share and some help for those who are feeling burned out in her various workshops. The next is coming up in Seattle later this month. Even if you can’t make it, take a look and see if she is coming to a city near you. If not, reach out and see if she can help you.