Go Beyond Burnout

Did you know (she said “tongue-in-cheek”) that healthcare providers get burned out? Yes we do. It does not matter if you are a nurse practitioner (NP), a physician assistant (PA), a physician (MD/DO), a registered nurse (RN) or any other type of healthcare provider…we sometimes just get burned out. Our work is rewarding but it’s hard. Cynthia Howard, RN, CNC, PhD has a story to share and some help for those who are feeling burned out in her various workshops. The next is coming up in Seattle later this month. Even if you can’t make it, take a look and see if she is coming to a city near you. If not, reach out and see if she can help you.


Graduate Education Scholarships

While this is not a topic about business, I am often asked about scholarship information for RNs who are returning to school. Well the Nursing Economic$ Foundation is offering scholarships for nurses who are pursuing a Masters or Doctoral degree. 

Art of Nursing 2.0

Art of Nursing 2.0 – Join me!

  I am very excited to be participating in the Art of Nursing 2.0 this coming Nurses Week! Yes, I know, it’s a bit into the future, however, you’ll want to sign up now and mark your calendars. It’s a four-day series bringing together 16 extraordinary nurse pioneers to share their thoughts on how we can bring back the art of nursing – that healing presence and patient-focused practice first envisioned by Florence Nightingale. I know how passionate you are about the nursing profession, so I wanted to personally invite you to join us and explain how you can register.


Nurse Practitioners in 2015

“Nurse practitioners are leading the charge and growing the nation’s access to patient-centered, accessible, high-quality health care. We want every American to understand the commitment, education and clinical training these outstanding professionals have. AANP will continue to encourage legislation that removes barriers to nurse practitioner-delivered health care services,” said AANP Chief Executive Officer Dave Heber


Let’s Talk About Billing: Webinar 01-11-2015

What healthcare provider does not need to know about coding and billing? You need this information if you are in business for yourself…AND you need this information if you work for someone else. On Jan 11, 2015, I will be joined by two experts to discuss this very topic. Join us for this free, community webinar on coding and billing at 5pm Pacific.  (Check your time zone at http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/) Watch the video for more information and then register at http://bit.ly/BillingWebinar


Happy Holidays 2014

  As the year draws to a close, many of us reflect back and take stock of where we are, where we have been and we make plans for the future. I am not different. I want to thank you for the amazing opportunities of 2014 along with a few “lessons” to be learned. I am looking for to 2015 on so many levels and I hope to see you along for the journey. Regardless of how you celebrate this season, may you be surrounded by Magic.    


Advanced Practice Nursing Leadership

  Leadership is not something that all advanced practice nurses consider, and yet each and everyone of us is a leader in some capacity.  The thing is, with skills, vision, education and coaching you can increase that capacity and effect change in communities, organizations and in yourself. I have the privilege of being a new new advisory board member for the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program for advanced practice nurses.  I am amazed at what the program offers, with the vision of the Fellows in the program I had the opportunity to meet, the caring and support of the staff, coaches, mentors, and board members.  It’s an amazing program for those that want to make a difference on a larger scale. …