11 Tips for Attending Conferences

Attending conferences is a fact of life for nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers.  The annual American Association of Nurse Practitioners conference was held Nashville last month (June). There were many highlights and wins from the opening keynote with e-patient Dave, to awards and Fellows induction, fantastic sessions and closing ceremonies. And of course…networking. There is nothing like being around 5,000+ of your closest colleagues and friends.

Unfortunately, all was not perfect in paradise. [Read more...]

National Legislative Issues – Home Health and DME


Home Health and Medicare DME – your support is needed.

It’s quite easy…just go to the pages listed below and fill in your information. Letters will be sent to your elected officials on the topics below.

Thanks for all of us!

Urge Congress to Stop Restrictions on Medicare DME!
Ask your Members of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 3833, which would authorize nurse practitioners to document the face-to-face encounters with their Medicare patients to order certain durable medical equipment (DME).


Take action now on Home Health! 

Encourage your Members of Congress to co-sponsor the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act of 2013
Enactment of the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act of 2013 will make it possible for NPs to provide necessary services for their Medicare patients by allowing them to certify that patients under their care are eligible for home health care services. Passage of this legislation will reduce Medicare spending by eliminating duplicative services while also improving the quality and timeliness of care for the beneficiaries who require home health services.


Business Needs Survey



I need your help. I’ve created a short survey that you can take anonymously and it’s open to all health care providers.  It’s just 8 questions, so should just take a few minutes.

The topic:  business topics of course.  You’ll find the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9JFMWZC

Please feel free to share with your colleagues and leave any additional comments on the survey or below this post.  Thanks so much for participating!

5 Social Media Challenges for Healthcare Providers

Social Media Challenges for HealthCare Providers on www.npbusiness.orgNot so long ago, health care professionals, along with a lot of other businesses and professions, though social media was a passing fad, much like the pet rock. Well, we all know how that turned out.  Social media is not going anywhere, indeed we can expect it to expand and evolve. It will become an even larger part of the world of healthcare.

I personally love the ability to network with my colleagues, learn from them, help someone when I’m able, and share different things I’m writing and doing.

However, with all the “social” of social media, we sometimes are not as careful as we should be – especially as healthcare professionals. I’d like to offer a few tips in how we navigate the online world – not only to make it more effective, but to reduce our personal risk as providers. [Read more...]

AANP 2014 National Conference

Barbara C Phillips, NP, FANNP speaking at AANP2014


If you have never had the opportunity to attend the largest gathering of Nurse Practitioners in the US, then you owe it to yourself to attend. The sessions are stellar (I dare you to leave without learning a TON!) and the networking is outstanding.  Nothing like being in the midst of thousand of your excited colleagues!

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States with Full Practice for NPs

fullpracticestates_mini“Where is the best place for me to practice?”  This is a question I frequently receive. While this has been discussed before, that was in 2012. Obviously it’s time to update the post.

(There have been so many legislative changes so far this year, that this post is updated for the 2nd time since posting to say congratulations to Minnesota!)

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Introducing: The SAGEClinician Podcast


I don’t know about you, but I’m often on the move. It’s hard to read when you are driving (really…not advised!), gardening or cooking. Thus, listening to audio through an iPod or other mobile device/smart phone for is great!  So…allow me to introduce The SAGEClinician Podcast!

Who is a SAGE Clinician…you are Smart, Astute, Gutsy and Enlightened.  On SAGEClinician, you’ll hear from our industry leaders, business people, policy experts and more. My first few episodes include AANP Co-President Angie Golden, Speaker Mimi Secor, CANP President Beth Haney, and Housecall expert Scharmaine Lawson-Baker.   And there are so many more waiting to be released!

Header over to iTunes or Stitcher Radio  subscribe, share and leave a rating  ~or~  listen and download the episodes right from the website.  More info at www.SAGEClinician.com