Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program

duke-jj-logoDo you know of an Advanced Practice Nurse who is new or aspiring to a leadership position?

The Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program is designed specifically to offer Advanced Practice Nurses a life-changing opportunity to become leaders of new models of care.  This one year program, [Read more...]

Is your password secure?

Is your password secure? www.NPBusiness.ORGIt’s no surprise to nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers when we learn of yet another large company who has been hacked.  These companies have ranged from the retail, financial, and medical sectors. Credit card numbers, social security numbers, identity and even medical records have been compromised.

If these companies, with large IT/security departments cannot keep their data secure, what are we suppose to do in our small practices? For that matter, how to we secure data at home? [Read more...]

DEA Take Back Day September 27, 2014

deatakebackAs healthcare providers, we are no stranger to the problems of medications.  The DEA’s Take Back Days have been a hit. And the new rules will help a great deal.  We all need to share this information with our   offices, colleagues and patients.

This Saturday, September 27, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and almost 4,000 of its national, tribal, and community law enforcement partners will hold the ninth National Prescription Drug Take­Back Day. Americans can take their expired, unneeded, or unwanted prescription drugs to one of over 5,200 collection sites across the country between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. local time. The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked. [Read more...]

7 reasons NOT to Start a Healthcare Practice

7 Reasons NOT To Start A Healthcare Practice on www.NPBuisness.ORGWhile Nurse Practitioners can and do make great business owners, not everyone is cut out to start, own or operate their own healthcare practice.

Here are 7 reasons why you may NOT want to start your own practice (at least not right away):

1. You are risk adverse.
You need and want a guarantee that everything will work out perfectly. If the thought that cash flow might be a challenge at times causes you to have an anxiety attack before you even open your door, you should reconsider your decision to start a practice. [Read more...]

SAGEClinician Podcast App

scgettheAPPListening to podcasts can sometimes be a challenge and SAGEClinician is no exception. It all depends on the podcast app (or podcatcher) you are using.

We’ll we’ve just made it easier for you!

I am thrilled to announce that the SAGEClinician podcast app is available in your favorite app store including:

The app will allow you to stay up to date with the podcast, share with networks on Twitter and Facebook, allow for continuous play, and download and star your favorite episodes.  Plus it gives you an easy way to contact us with a single click.

Download it today and let us know how you like it!

5 Low Overhead Practice Ideas

Low Overhead Practice Ideas on www.NPBusiness.ORG


Starting a practice does not have to be a high cost ticket item.

Nurse practitioners and other advanced practice clinicians who want to start a practice often have questions about startup cost, loans, employees, size of clinics, and more.  For many of us, the models of care we see take place in small, medium, large and mega sized clinics.

However, it’s wrong to assume that is the only way to deliver care to your patients.

There are many ways to start a practice on a shoestring budget or smaller. You don’t necessarily need a lot of space, and for that matter, you may not need any kind of an exam room.  In fact, it’s possible to start a small practice with little if any equipment, staff or even loans. [Read more...]

11 Tips for Attending Conferences

Attending conferences is a fact of life for nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers.  The annual American Association of Nurse Practitioners conference was held Nashville last month (June). There were many highlights and wins from the opening keynote with e-patient Dave, to awards and Fellows induction, fantastic sessions and closing ceremonies. And of course…networking. There is nothing like being around 5,000+ of your closest colleagues and friends.

Unfortunately, all was not perfect in paradise. [Read more...]

National Legislative Issues – Home Health and DME


Home Health and Medicare DME – your support is needed.

It’s quite easy…just go to the pages listed below and fill in your information. Letters will be sent to your elected officials on the topics below.

Thanks for all of us!

Urge Congress to Stop Restrictions on Medicare DME!
Ask your Members of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 3833, which would authorize nurse practitioners to document the face-to-face encounters with their Medicare patients to order certain durable medical equipment (DME).


Take action now on Home Health! 

Encourage your Members of Congress to co-sponsor the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act of 2013
Enactment of the Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act of 2013 will make it possible for NPs to provide necessary services for their Medicare patients by allowing them to certify that patients under their care are eligible for home health care services. Passage of this legislation will reduce Medicare spending by eliminating duplicative services while also improving the quality and timeliness of care for the beneficiaries who require home health services.


Business Needs Survey



I need your help. I’ve created a short survey that you can take anonymously and it’s open to all health care providers.  It’s just 8 questions, so should just take a few minutes.

The topic:  business topics of course.  You’ll find the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9JFMWZC

Please feel free to share with your colleagues and leave any additional comments on the survey or below this post.  Thanks so much for participating!