Are you making these common mistakes?

Nurse Practitioners are pretty excited at the aspect of having their own practice in that’s true more so today than ever before especially since more states are opening up to full practice authority.

Sometimes what happens though, Is in our excitement we tend to rush into things. And this is where we run into trouble. So on today’s podcast I’d like to go over some of the most common mistakes that I see with clinicians starting up their own practice.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Unseasoned clinicians starting a practice.
  • Not having a clear picture of what you are doing, what you are offering.
  • Ignoring both practice and business rules and regulations.
  • Failure to fully understand scope of practice.
  • Misinformation about FPA and practicing across state lines.
  • Collaboration – understanding what it is and why as well as the rules in your state. Also, not having a written agreement and more than one CP, is a big mistakes.
  • Thinking you don’t need a business plan.
  • Financial illiteracy – not understanding the finances – cost, resources, revenues, statements and more.
  • Waiting to market the practice.
  • Not starting your credentialing early enough

Listen in and share you thoughts and experiences below.

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Your Turn

We’ve all made mistakes. Which ones have you made in your business. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions about this episode in the comments below.

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  1. In regards to understanding scope of practice, that has been hard because I get vauge responses from the nursing boards. Would smoking cessation and treatment be within the scope of a Family Nurse Practitioner? It is something that FNPs do often in practice. We are trained to provide smoking counseling and treatment.

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