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Lots of nurse practitioners in Michigan have asked about starting a business in their own practice. Unfortunately, according to the law, APNs cannot open their own practices.

The reasoning behind this has been confusing for many NPs. In this episode of the NP Business Matters podcast, we talk with Dr. Denise Hershey, PhD, FNP-BC, the current president of the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners about this issue and other issues affecting NP practice in Michigan.

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Are you in Michigan? How is this affecting your practice? I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions about this episode in the comments below.

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  1. The Podcast on Michigan NP struggles did not play. It plays the introduction and the ending, but nothing in the “middle”.


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  3. Why are we paying MICNP dues if MICNP is so hesitant to work on being our “own best advocate?” We can change the law. No, we don’t work under a delegated practice unless we want to prescribe Schedule II and III drugs. Federal law includes us as a Learned Profession. Please stop settling for half a loaf.

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    I cannot speak as to what MICNP is doing or not. I will say, that I use to wonder that about my own state. What I learned is that it’s give-and-take in politics and that it moves slower than a slug. While it seems simple enough, across the country we are fighting for our right to practice against an organization that is extremely well funded. It takes numbers, it takes money, and it’s slow. I hate that about this process. We’d all like it to move faster.

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