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Dr. Angie Golden on business and obesity

Meet Dr. Angie Golden, DNP, FAANP. Angie is the owner of the NP Obesity Treatment Clinic in Arizona, the author of clinical and non-clinical books, a speaker, an educator, and has been one of our national NP leaders.

Today we are talking about the journey through business, leadership, and writing. Angie shares many ideas on her own workflow, how she captures ideas, and how she came to start writing. I’m sure if you listen, you’ll find several gems that you can incorporate into your own way of thing, your own process.

My favorite that I’ve adapted is “why not you?”

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  1. Wow! This is so similar to my story. I felt like I was the only one who just “ended up” here. I also started in a room at the fire department, as a free clinic and now have a building I own and run as a primary care. I really enjoyed your story.

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