What can I do to market my business?

trafficA question frequently asked is “How to market my business so people will find me?”

There are several strategies a Nurse Practitioner can do to market his or her practice.  These will work in nearly all situations. Focus on one and then move on to the next. Remember, your marketing plan will incorporate several strategies.

Speaking at community locations.  This will work particularly well if you are in a new practice or you offer a new service.  Consider speaking for various community service centers, churches, local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary clubs, and local radio shows. Don’t forget that many of the larger businesses, schools and universities may be looking for speakers as well.

Writing.  One of the things that you can do this utilize social media today.  Many of our patients and clients will be located in places such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets.  Writing a blog is a good way to be found as well.  You can often write on topics that are specific to your particular practice or business as well as your location.  Make sure that this link can be found in your practice website.

Consider writing for your local newspaper.  Do they have a health column?  Can you answer letters to the editor?  Can you get a link from your local newspaper, or other local websites?

In terms of your website, make sure that your practice is listed in the local directories such as Google local as well as your business cards and around the office. There is no cost for this type of service.

Print advertising.  While advertising in the newspaper is often one of the first things that we think of, you might get a better return on investment by advertising in local/community papers.  In addition, consider publications such as the church bulletin, the local senior center newsletter, and even local high school newspapers.

Word-of-mouth.  This is by far the best marketing, hands down.  Nothing beats word-of-mouth.  Let your current patients/clients know that you are looking to expand your business. If they have friends or family members that aren’t looking for provider, asked them to make the referral.  Make sure that they have your business cards or brochures available to them.

While you may be a Nurse Practitioner, as a business owner you are true most important job is marketing.  If you do not have patience/clients coming into your business, you have no business.  Some marketing is something you need to take seriously, and need to come up with a marketing plan to execute on a continuous basis.

If you have further suggestions, tips, or strategies that you use for marketing please be sure to share them below.

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  1. don’t discount linking up with another practitioner with similar or complementary skills and services – espcecially one with an established reputation and referral stream in the community. Physicians and dentists have typically purchased practices . Any number of creative financing arrangements can fund the start up costs for a new business.

  2. Also, don’t overlook the local neighborhood pharmacist. We have had great success with this approach. Development of professional working relationships with our pharmacists has resulted in many patient referrals to our primary care practice. We have had no success with the chain pharmacies such as CVS, RiteAid and Walgreens as they tell us that they refer patients to the medical society to obtain a provider.

    Happy New Year!!!!!

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