Time Savings Tips for your NP Practice

Time Savings Tips for your NP Practice Running a practice takes a lot of time. In an effort to keep your focus on your patients we’ve come up with a few time saving tips to help you stay on track.

  • Use templates for standard documentation. You can just substitute any changes. This is especially useful when you are doing documentation online.

  • Labs: I’ve found this particularly help. I have a lab results sheet that has the most commonly asked about results and tells what the numbers means. For examples, the lipid profile and diabetes labs. On the flip side of the page, it has tips that patients can use to correct their lipids and glucose. It includes space for me to include other labs and instructions.

  • We have a referral phone list for the most common providers we refer to. Its bright orange. Patients get a copy of it with the phone number circled. It saves lots of calls to our office.

Post your time savings tips below.

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  1. I am opening a rural non-urgent care clinic, which I am sure will turn into 50% family practice. I am in Tennessee and am required to have a collaborating physician. He will be available for consult and only in house 8 hrs a week. I would like to pay him a flat rate til I build my business, could you please comment.

  2. Many NPs pay a flat rate instead of a percentage. You’ll need to consider multiple factors when choosing a collaborator, including their expertise adn experience, required involvement in terms of time and effort, in addition to the norms in your location.


  3. Hello I am located in Austin, Tx. I also pay my collaborative physician a flat rate. I wanted to know if any one can tell how much is too much! Is there a standard pay that’s most people pays? Unfortunately since I am not in the profit margin yet, it’s been hard for me to pay what committed to pay biweekly!

  4. I’m opening an urgent care/after hours clinic next month. We’re going to be open a total of 40 hrs per week (nights and weekends). I live in South Texas and I’m going to pay my collaborative physician a flat rate of $1,000 per month. I know of 2 other NP’s who have their own clinics and they are also paying their collaborative physicians this amount.

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