Talk to Your Potential Clients & Patients

New and seasoned Nurse Practitioner practice owners find themselves asking about marketing.

There are many ways to market a practice. You may be in the phone book (or not, watch for another post on this problem), write an article in the local newspaper or have a flyer up at the senior center. Many of us get referrals from insurance companies, from other providers offices and the emergency room.

But one thing that is missing in most practices and businesses is a web site.

I’m in a rural area and didn’t really think that my homemade website would make a difference. But I’m amazed at how many local folks find me, and learn about our office before they even call for an appointment.

With a website, you have the opportunity to talk to the many people who are confused and trying to find a provider they can work with. This is an ideal platform for you to talk with your potential patients.

So what can you have on your website?

  • Q&A about common health questions
  • Information about current health concerns in your community or issues that are currently in the news.
  • Frequently answered questions.
  • Various patient education, links, tools, diary’s
  • New patient information
  • Your practice philosophy
  • Stuff about you and your staff

Remember…you will want to make sure you are speaking to your ideal client/patient. Connect with them. Invite them to your office.

So tell us, do you have a practice website? How is it working for your?

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