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Regardless of what the economy is doing right now, people still need health care. NPs are in position to build a business and give back to the community at the same time. How you ask?

Nurses and Nurse Practitioners have always been a resourceful group of individuals. We pay attention to the “non-health” issues that our patients and clients are facing. We brainstorm with them strategies and tactics they can use in their lives to change various situations. As business owners, we are still brainstorming strategies and tactics as we start and build our businesses. So what can we do to offer some assistance in our own practices?

One of the things many NPs around the country are seeing is people are loosing health benefits as they loose their jobs. Those with insurance are finding their insurance responsibility is increasing (co-pays and deductibles).

So what can you do to ease the sting, make sure your patients still get health care, while also protecting your own business?

First off, you need to look at your own situation (what do your numbers tell you) and decide if and how you may be able to offer any discounts. As NPs we are fairly resourceful. As a business owner, we can make changes, on the fly if we choose, so that everyone comes out ahead. Here are a few ideas.

  • Take a look at your cash rate. Is it in line (or even a bit less) than your community average?
  • Do you offer a discount for payment at the time of service?
  • Can you offer another discount payment is in cash rather than credit or debit card? (Since there is no fee, pass that savings on to your patient).
  • What about offering a special on physical, sports exams, and the like?
  • Have you partnered with a lab? Many labs will bill you for patient labs at a substantial discount. You can in turn have your patients pay you for labs, offer them a huge discount over cash rates from the lab.
  • Borrowing from other industries, what about a buy-one-get-second-one-at-half-price or buy-one-get-one-free? What on earth am I talking about? How about a regular price on the first sports exam and 50% off the second or even 2nd one free (in the same family)?
  • How about group visits for your patients with diabetes, hyperlipidemia or hypertension?  I don’t know about you, but I seem to say the same thing over and over again with a little variation for an individuals situation.
  • At the same time, encourage those folks that are worried about income and putting food on the table to grow this years vegetables. Easy to tie it in with these diagnosis!
  • Ask your patients to bring in a healthy food item to be donated to a local food bank.

Let people in your community know about the help you can offer. Encourage your patients to let others know as well. It will help you build your business and give back to your community at the same time.

What other ideas can you come up with? Be sure and share them below.

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  1. I feel invigorated when I come across few sites for nurses with business in mind. Many a times, people seem to mock at the collaboration of nursing and business. I am a fresh nursing graduate and am passionate about enterpreneurship. However, there is a lack of support and resources for such minded people like us. Even then, I believe it can be done. Hope there are some success stories out there that could motivate us.


  2. Aura,

    Thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree more with you…for some reason we have been brought up in this profession thinking that business was something else and did not belong in nursing or medicine. Yet a practice is a business!

    The reason this blog was started was because there is, just as you say a lack of support and resources for those of us who own businesses and practices.

    There are lots of success stories to be heard. Please make sure you listen in on the interviews we do a few times per month (next one is in April 5th) where I interview NPs who have their own practices. You can sign up for the notices at You’ll also find excerpts of prior calls here

    Best wishes to you!


  3. Hi
    I have started an NP practice just before the Covid crisis. Everything became stagnant with the business and I started working at a clinic for a physician friend.
    I am now ready to get started but I’m in need of funding or a start up loan. Any feed back appreciated
    Thank you
    Ernie Deleon

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