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Welcome to the new NPBusiness Show and podcast. You might remember this show as the SAGEClinician podcast. In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why I have not published in a while.
  • Why I changed the name
  • Some announcements:
  • Why business is important for all Nurse Practitioners and why my new battle cry is #NoNPLeftBehind.
  • Contracts and negotiations guide, available here.
  • Ask Barbara. The question is “How can NPs most affect the bottom line of a practice?”
    • Answer: Productivity, efficiency, correct documentation and billing.
  • FPA – Webinars for your state groups? Contact me

Goals with this new format is to keep the sessions shorter and more concise (we are all busy!), and most of all, to find a way to help ensure that #NoNPLeftBehind. - The SAGEClinician PodcastSo what about SAGEClinician. For the time being, the website and the first 24 episodes are still available. Eventually, I’ll move them here to this site. They are not going to disappear.

Have our App? The new episodes will still publish to the app, so don’t worry about the. The artwork will take longer to change.

Your Turn!

How would you have answered the question? What are you questions? Your feedback and participation are always appreciated.


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  1. I recently accepted a Nurse Consultant assignment with a large NYC agency. They hired me as a QI Nurse Consultant then told me I could not have my logo on my invoice because they contracted with me as an individual and not with my business. They or the Senior Director declined to pay me stating, “they can only only pay critical staff at this time”. The contract terms I signed with them stated they would make a payment within 30days and it is over 30 days and they have been provided with their QI deliverables. What can I do at this point???

  2. Do you have a contract? If so, does it prevent you from severing your relationship with this company which is not acting in good faith? It sounds as if you have been sucked into participating with someone who is not aboveboard.
    Have you sent them a statement? If you are an independent contractor, you need to send them a statement with 30 days’ payment requirements. If they don’t pay, you don’t work – it’s that simple.
    In retrospect, do EVERYTHING through your company, not personally.
    Barbara, do you agree?

  3. Multi-Faceted question with multiple layers of answers.

    -Know what they are billing for and make sure you are getting your worth.
    -Don’t bill “incident to” as you are then invisible. Take 2 more patients a day to earn your visibility.
    -Learn some procedures as you will bring in more revenue increasing your value and salary
    -Free up other clinicians time who can do more higher priced things than you
    -Extend clinic hours to evenings as not to lose patients
    -Augment services to new things; smoking cessation, weight loss, group sessions, speaking to the Church or Temple, etc.

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