NPBO™ Webinar Series for #NPWeek2015

This year, Nurse Practitioners are celebrating 50 years, and thus NPWeek is bound to be full of celebrations, education and outreach. According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners there are currently over 205,000 nurse practitioners in the US. That’s a lot of NPs, and their patients and supporters who will be celebrating during NPWeek (November 8-14, 2015).

For the last few years, NPBO™ has been celebrating as well by gathering NPs together via teleseminars and webinars. This year is no different, except that we are celebrating with 3 webinars over 3 weeks on business and legal topics. You are invited to join us!

How to Stay Out of Legal Trouble – November 1st.

Carolyn Buppert, JD on NPBusiness.ORGSunday November 1, 2015 my guest is Carolyn Buppert, JD, the author of The Nurse Practitioner’s Business Practice and Legal Guide, and her new book Frequently Asked Questions that Keep Nurses Awake at Night. She will be presenting “How to Stay Out of Legal Trouble: Avoid These Top 3 Mistakes Nurse Practitioners Make”.

Thanks to all who attended!

Barbara C Phillips, NP, FAANP

Protecting & Managing Your Professional Identity and Reputation – November 8th

Sunday November 8, 2015  Barbara C. Phillips, NP, FAANP (thats me!) will be presenting Protecting and Managing Your Professional Digital Identity and Reputation. Having a digital presence is no longer an option, and yet it puts both our professional and personal identity and reputation at risk. I’ll show you why this is important and help you create a system to protect, monitor and respond to threats to your identity and reputation. Register Here.

Answering Your Business Questions on November 15th.

Nancy Dirubbo, NP, FAANP on NPBusiness.ORGSunday November 15, 2015, Nancy Dirubbo, DNP, FAANP and I will be Answering Your Business Questions. Both of us are experienced business and practice owners with many (yes, many) years of experience. This special Q&A session is appropriate for all NPs regardless if you find working for someone else or yourself. Once you register, you’ll be given the opportunity to submit your question ahead of time. Register Here.


  • All sessions begin at 8pm Eastern.
  • You will need to sign up for each webinar separately.
  • Because of the platform we are using, seating is limited.
  • I encourage you to sign up early, mark your calendar and plan to log on a few minutes early.
  • Select sessions will be available for limited replay.
  • If you have never attended a GoToWebinar webinar, or if you have had difficulty listening/participating in the past, please take a look at this short GTW attendee guide.

I look forward to seeing you on the webinars!

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  1. Just out of curiosity, why aren’t the upcoming webinars being recorded? One of my reasons for joining the group is to have on demand access to information. We all lead busy lives and may not be able to watch in real time.

  2. Hi Malcom,

    These webinars are outside of the NPBO™ members webinars and are open to anyone. That said the 2nd and 3rd webinar replays will be available inside the members area. The first webinar with Carolyn Buppert is not available at her request.

    Thanks for asking.

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