NPBO Video Minute #5 – Increasing Patient Base

Hi, everyone.  It’s Barbara Phillips with another NPBO Video Minute.  And today my question comes from Deb in North Carolina.  And she says, “We’re a 3 year-old primary care practice in a very saturated area.”  Meaning there are a lot of physician practices around her, and she’s still only seeing 5 to 8 patients per day.  She wants to know what kind of advice we might have for her.

So, the first thing that I would suggest is start asking questions of those 5 to 8 patients that are coming in per day.  Why are they coming in to see you versus someone else?  What are they getting out of it?  The next thing you want to do is know what are the needs in your community that are not being met.  And that may be anything from a product, a service, the hours that you’re open, the fact that nobody else is listening to patients.  So, what is it that they need and they want; then how can you provide it better and differently than anybody else.  That’s what you want to market to.

Of course when you’re doing your marketing there’s all kinds of ways that you can market, and it doesn’t mean you just put an ad in the newspaper.  You’ll find a lot of tips and techniques on marketing on our blog at and also in our newsletter Progress Notes.  So, if you’re not a subscriber, you’ll want to get on that list now.

If you have any other questions, if any of you have any questions, that you want us to address in NPBO Video Minutes you can leave me a comment below, and I’ll make sure that we get them and get those questions answered for you.

The other thing too is if you have any suggestions for Deb in North Carolina, you can comment on this video as well.  So, we’ll see you next time for another NPBO Video Minute.

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