Time Saving Tips for your Practice

As any Nurse Practitioner will tell you, running a practice takes a lot of time. Here are a few tips that will allow you to be more efficient, saving you and your staff time and effort. As a bonus, some of them will even increase patient satisfaction.

Use templates for standard documentation. You can just substitute any changes. This is especially useful when you are doing documentation online.

Use tools such as Short Keys when you document that same thing over and over again.

Lab Results: I’ve found this particularly help. I have a lab results sheet that has the most commonly asked about results and tells what the numbers mean. For example, the lipid profile and diabetes labs are the two most common test we run in our office. On the flip side of the page, it has tips that patients can use to correct their lipids and glucose. It includes space for me to include other labs and instructions.

We have a referral phone list for the most common providers we refer to. Patients get a copy of it with the phone number circled. Because it’s bright orange, no some seems to lose it and it saves lots of calls to our office.

Do you have time savings tips you’d like to share? Please share them below.

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