Negotiation Skills

handshakeNurse Practitioners entrepreneurs are often faced with negotiating some sort of contract be it for services, supplies or collaboration. While there are plenty of books and courses available to sharpen your negotiation skills, Tim Berry recently posted “Three Simple but Powerful Rules for Negotiation” that helps bring this to a simple but elegant solution.

  • How does it feel to be them? Basically Berry is suggesting you put yourself in their shoes. While I understand what he is saying and basically agree with it, I’d also caution you to consider where they are coming from, and what information and “baggage” you each bring to the table.
  • Find the Win-Win. I definitely agree with this. In my world, the only way we can move forward is to have a win-win-win for everyone involved. In my mind, it’s the only authentic and honorable way to be.
  • Negotiate before the contract, not with the contract. In my mind, the whole idea of a contract is to put in writing what each of you has agreed to, therefore it makes sense to get all the haggling out of the way before you sit down with a contract to sign.

As always, you’ll want to review things with your own legal counsel to make sure your bases are covered. Certainly by approaching it with the intention of win-win-win…they will be.

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  1. when thinking of starting a business as an NP living in the state of New York, which is collaborative, how do I find I doctor to collaborate with and what exactly does that mean?

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