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Ask Barbara…How do I get the word out?

So what is Ask Barbara Anything #AskBarbara all about?

As I was going through all the great questions we received on our survey, I thought it would be a wonderful to answer via video and thus the #AskBarbara series was born. To learn more about who I am, visit the About Us on this site.

Now let’s get to the question.

Todays Question

How do I get the word out to former patients that I have opened my own practice without compromising my collaborative agreement with my doctor who was my former boss?Anonymous NP

This question brought up a few more questions for me. For example, is he/she working under a “non-compete clause” (never a good idea)? What are the issues with the collaborative physician? Mandated collaboration should address only what is required by the Board of Nursing/Board of Medicine (depending on the state), and that should not include getting patients into your practice. (We’ll talk more about these issues in a future video).

Because the intent of her question is not completely clear, I choose to answer the question as if she/he was asking about marketing the new practice.

You’ll hear me mention word of mouth marketing, websites, social media, local marketing with flyers and local search engines to help get this person started.

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Your Turn!

Share your thoughts and questions below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Hello,
    Currently I am thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. I have gone back and forth with opening up a clinic. It will be in the field of diabetes which is a passion of mine. The question I have is what other alternatives could be done in diabetes without necessarily being a clinic practice without all of the overhead costs for start up? I’m trying to “think outside the box” but, I am having a hard time.

    Warm regards,


  2. Post


    Congrats on thinking outside of the “clinic” box. There are several things to consider, one of which would be having a mobile practice where you visit your patients at their home, work etc. Another option would be based on the ideal medical practice model where you rent a room in an established clinic and see patients there. Perhaps you can rent a room at a local church or community center as well.

    You can also just visit various clinics as the “specialists” for their DM patients and bill for your services there. This is especially nice in a more rural setting where patients have to travel far to see specialists.

    Don’t forget you can consider virtual options as well.

    What do you think of those options?


  3. Hello,
    Thank you for answering my question. I like all of the ideas especially the idea of going to other clinics and being the “specialist” so to speak. However, my concern is what kind of agreement would I have with the other provider in order to see the patients such as momentary compensation etc. Also, since i’m in a collaborative state one of the providers would have to be a collaborative physician and would probably want to be compensated as well. Overall, I want to provide a service without cutting into profit margins. Do you have any suggestions on how I should approach these providers?

    Thank you!


  4. Post


    You will need to do some planning and really play with numbers in order to find the numbers you can live with. In terms of collaboration, there is so much variable from state to state – not only in terms of what collaboration means in your state, but how it impacts you, the physician and the practice. Not everyone charges for services, but again, you’ll have to do some looking around. Hope this helps. If you need more help, contact me about setting up a consultation for specific information for your situation.

  5. Hi Barbara.
    My name is Maureen and I’m from N.J. I’ve been really getting serious about the idea of starting a NP housecalls business. I’ve been a nurse for 20 years, and and NP for just a year. My first NP job is a hospitalist job. While I hate my job, I have learned a great deal about diagnoses and appropriate tests that must be ordered for patients. I’ve had so many requests from patients about an NP that will come out and make house calls. I’m so confused about the process. I’ve contacted the NJ BON but haven’t heard back. I dont know where to start. I do know that when I start, I only want this to be a cash business, at least at the beginning. Can you PLEASE give me any advice. I’m getting so discouraged.

  6. Post

    Hello Maureen,

    In general, the BON (of any state) is not going to help you with starting a business. Remember, the prime directive of the BON/BOM is to protect the public from healthcare providers.

    Start with doing an assessment.

    • Exactly what services will you provide?
    • Who will be your patients (hint: it’s not everyone)?
    • Wil they pay for your services?
    • You’ll want to know more…what are the cost, how many patients will you see and at what fee. You need to plan in order to make sure that your idea is financially feasible.

      Other considerations:
      – Read everything on this blog.
      – You might want to consider contacting your local SBA or SCORE to see if you can get some assistance. Keep in mind, they will likely not understand the nuances of a healthcare practice or business.
      – Join our FB group on business.
      – Think about joining http://www.aahcm.org/ (American Academy of Home Care Medicine)
      – Consider becoming a member of NPBO™
      – When you are ready, consider our course on starting a practice.

      I hope this help, let me know if you have further questions.

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