Disasters! You planned for this…didn’t you?

We hope disasters never strike us, but they do. Are you ready?

Mother Nature. We all love her. And we know that she can be unpredictable. Regardless if you believe in climate warning or not, it’s not too difficult to see how weather patterns have changed. This, of course, leads to more natural disasters occurring. Hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, earthquakes, torrential rains, flooding and more. We’ve seen so much of this over the past few years, and it seems to be more damaging than ever.

Couple this with the worldwide state of politics, terrorism, cyber-terrorism, unrest and more..the potential for man-made disasters loom a little too real.

Now, we cannot control Mother Nature, and we cannot control terrorist, but we can take steps to protect our homes and practices with a bit of advanced planning.

This is not a new topic here on NPBusiness. And with good reason…every year we are faced with disasters and too often people, and businesses, are not prepared.

So, I present to you a list of prior articles, videos, and resources you can model as you pull together your own disaster plan for your business, home, and family.  

Disaster Planning:

Data Disasters:

The best time to get prepared is now before a disaster strikes. So set aside some time and get down to doing an assessment of your business and pull a plan together. But don’t stop there, make sure your staff knows what to do. And…do one for your home as well.  And as mentioned in the linked articles, visit Ready.gov for basic quick lists and plans.

Keep safe!

Your Turn

What challenges have you found in creating a disaster plan for your business? Share in the comments below.


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