Disaster Planning for Business

landslideDisasters come in all shapes and sizes. They usually strike when least expected, often times without any warning (earthquake) and sometimes with (hurricane). Either way, we often find ourselves, our homes and our businesses vulnerable.

Disaster planning is something that tends to be put on the back burner…after all, it’s never going to happen to us, right? Wrong. It does, and we need to be prepared for that “never gonna happen” event.

Making a disaster plan is really just a business plan for disasters. Here are a few things to address:

  1. Take a look at everything in your office. Think about what would happen if it was not available. What would you do? How would you continue?
  2. How will you communicate and take care of your employees?
  3. Payroll…it’s gotta happen. Are you using a payroll service that is off site that will be able to generate that paycheck?
  4. Is there an alternative site you can operate if your building is unsuitable? Perhaps you can work something out with another provider with the idea you can each use the others space in order to keep you business going.
  5. Where will you be able to get equipment and supplies? Have all sorts of alternatives listed…everyone in your neighborhood may be headed for the local supply house for computers, etc.
  6. Data: Back up your charts and practice management system regularly and store it off site. Consider storing it several miles away…say 50-100 miles. If you entire town floods, having a copy in your house may not help you.
  7. Video tape your office – include all equipment, furnishings and supplies. Consider giving a copy of the tape to your insurance agent, as well as storing a copy off site (see #5 above) as well as a copy for your files. (This is a great idea for your home as well).

You can get more free information, including templates to make your plans at http://www.Ready.gov .

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