Clinicians Business Tip: VIDEO-Disaster Planning

Disasters are on everyone’s mind these days, but it’s a topic we’ve been talking about for the past 5 years, in particular, disaster planning. If you have a practice disaster plan great – get it updated. If you have not yet created your plan, now is the time. Here are some tips and resources that will help you get your plan created, implemented and your staff trained.  Please feel free to share your own disaster planning strategies below.

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  1. I have taken the time to go thru my home with my cell phone and video tape every inch and item in the house. When something like a fire happens for instance, it is very difficult to remember what you had where because nothing looks like it did before and some things have been completely incinerated and no longer exist. Once I completed the video, I saved it to the SMS card in the phone, popped the card into my computer and sent it to the cloud for safe keeping. This video will be invaluable when it comes to dealing with the insurance adjusters and replacing lost assets. Stay behind after your office closes and go room by room with your smart phone and send it off to the cloud for safe keeping. You will sleep better at night knowing you are covered and have proof of the assets of your business, on video, in the cloud. ***As a side note: Consider choosing an insurance policy that includes “replacement value”. It is the difference between pennies on the dollar by way of depreciation and replacing the exact equipment you lost with the Exact NEW equipment you had. All the best on your planning.

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