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Direct Primary Care with Dr. Maria Walker – Episode #13

Curious about direct primary care? Today’s episode is with Dr. Maria Walker who talks about her start in this area, as well as setbacks that she has faced getting started in her own practice.

Additionally, she has generously shared resources she has used to get started on this path to practice.

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  2. Hello Barbara,
    Happy New Year!
    This is Arneatrice.
    I met with you in 2014 (I believe) in Saint Louis at the Waffle House on Interstate 270 & St. Charles Rock Rd.

    2013 I founded Primary HealthCare STL..after thirteen months of beating the pavement of entrepreneurial endeavor. We decided to place PHC STL on the shelf.

    Dec. 2020 7years later… PHC STL will open early March 2021

    I have several pieces of medical equipment for sell.

    1 — Pedigo P – 2010-s Blanket Warmer
    1 — Transfer Cart for P-2010-s Blanket Warmer

    1– M11 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer Ritter by Midmark
    1 — Midmart Cart

    2 – Examination Stretchers (pelvic)


    314 5746798

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