Yvonne D'Arcy Deb Kiley on BookWriting

#012 Yvonne D’Arcy & Deb Kiley on Book Writing

Writing a book is something on the list of many individuals. Yet, as soon as we sit down and are faced with a blank piece of paper or screen, we wonder where to start. Many are overwhelmed from the start.

Today I’m interviewing Yvonne D’Arcy, MS, ARNP, CNS, FAANP, and Deb Kiley, DNP, NP-C, APRN, FAANP  whose new book “Pain Management in Primary Care, Essential Knowledge for APRNs and PAs” was just released by Springer Publishing.

Yvonne is a respected expert, the author of numerous books on this topic, and a sought after speaker on pain management in the in-patient as well as outpatient setting. 

Deb Kiley, who we also heard from in Episode #4 also practices pain management from a more holistic point of view. 

We talk about the work that goes into writing a book. The schedule, the discipline, having a publisher, and so much more. 

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