10 Common Business Questions NPs Ask

Today, I go over 10 common questions nurse practitioners ask about their businesses. These questions are in no particular order.

  1. Can I…? (Fill in the blank)
  2. I’m a student NP, can I….?(Fill in the blank)
  3. Can I opt-out of Medicare in my own office and still work at XYZ Clinic?
  4. What’s the best Electronic Health Record (EHR)?
  5. What are the first steps for starting a practice?
  6. Is there Covid-19 assistance for established practices available?
  7. How can I find a collaborative physician?
  8. Where do I find money to start a business?
  9. What kind of practice can I start?
  10. What and how much does insurance reimburse NPs?

In the video I mention a couple of Small Business Administration (SBA) Links:



For more resources, please visit ClinicianBusinessInstitute.com

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