Better Billing Habits on

If you are billing third-party payers, chances are you’ve run into a glitch or two. Creating better billing habits just might help you breathe easier. Very few of us would say our processes cannot be improved. And judging from some of the NPs I’ve spoken to, and the questions I’ve received, the billing process is Read More

One of the hallmarks of early spring is the weather that is all over the place. The weather is warm and beautiful, and you finally put all the flowers and vegetables into the ground, only to have frost warnings a few days later. Of course, the age-old saying “April Showers bring May Flowers” tends to Read More

How Long Does It Take To Start A New Practice? on NPBusiness.ORG

It’s a question recently asked on, our business blog. If you’ve been thinking about starting a practice, you’ve probably wondered the same thing. Unfortunately, “how long does it take to start a new practice” doesn’t come with a simple answer. With a range of considerations and decisions affecting the outcome, it’s next to impossible Read More