Purchasing a practice is one way in which nurse practitioners and other clinicians will start a practice. However, unless you approach it with eyes wide open and the appropriate professionals at your side, you may find it was not the wisest of choices for you. In episode #82 of the NP Business Matters podcast, I Read More

Nurse Practitioners often ask in our Facebook group, what does it cost to start a practice? As you might expect, the answers that group members give are all over the board. The question is essentially impossible to answer without further information. There are a lot of variables involved. What kind of practice? Where is it Read More

Obstacles to Starting a Nurse Practitioner Practice with Quentin Caswell & Carl Lewis on NPBusiness.ORG

There are a lot of obstacles to starting a practice, but how would you react if you were harassed by state officials for starting a practice? How much would you put up with? Meet Carl Smith and Quentin Caswell, nurse practitioners with a private practice in Joplin, MO. They have been through several collaborating physicians Read More

How Much Money Will I make in my own Practice? http://npbusiness.org/money/

Nurse practitioners and other clinicians who are starting a practice often ask this question. Indeed, all of us want to know when and how much we can expect in any new job. Those of us starting a practice are even more concerned about it. And here’s the difference.

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