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NursePractitioner Business (NPBusiness.ORG) is an idea that was born out the need and frustration for Nurse Practitioners in private practice to be able to connect, share resources, offer support, and learn from one another. It goes beyond that day to day support we give and receive from one another around our professional practice…this goes into the business of being a NP.

Similar to the practice of Nursing, Nurse Practitioners work in nearly all areas of health care and beyond. Do you own a business within the health care arena? Outside of health care? Online or offline? Then we invite you to share your experience and expertise.

Let the sharing begin.

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  1. Hi Barbara:

    Thank you so much for making this forum available! The website is beautiful and I’m eager to dialogue with other nurse practitioners who have been or who are currently in private practice.

    I will look forward to visiting this site often!

    Best Regards,

    Shelby Havens, ARNP

  2. From Toledo Ohio, thank you so much for starting this site! It seems to be very well done and I commend you for taking the time and effort to do it. I am not in private practice, but I’m sure I will gain much useful information from interacting with, or reading posts from, my colleagues. I look forward to participating at least passively in this exciting venture!
    Brenda B MSN ANP/GNP

  3. Hi, I am just starting my practice. I just leased the building, and have not moved in yet. For those of you that have started in the last few months, do you have any words of advice as far as “reception desks” if they are not built in, and “sinks” in the exam room. If not plummbed I will try a portable. I know some old houses that are turned into clinics do not have sinks in the exam rooms. Also, I am expecting a site visit from the insurance companies. Is there a check list/cheat sheet regarding osha, locks, fire/evac plans/signage, w/c access, etc.. If I had a list to check off, I could make sure I am prepared, rather than a free for all. In addition, I have questions about clia waived lab tests, what is required as far as lab space. I have worked in a retail clinic, where we obviously did not have space, and it was considered acceptable, but I do not recall site visits from the insurance companies or OSHA.

    PS, I find the screen writing very small, is there a way to enlarge this? Thank you, Carla Anderson, FNP, Oregon I will be happy to share as I go along, but would like to ask these questions first, thanks. The name of my practice is Healing Presence Family Practice, and it is not yet open.

  4. I want to say with the others, thank you Barbara for putting together this beautiful site and resource center for all of us. You encouraged me to give a blow by blow account of me starting my practice. I will definitely try to do that and keep everyone updated as I go along. I have read “practice spotlight” in the Advance journal for NPs, and found that most existing practice owners have all felt that there were things they could have done better, or that they wish they had more business experience. I have also seen an NP who has been in practice for 27 years, and she just did not over think, she just went ahead and did it. There is a lot I do not know, but I am going to jump into the self owned practice pool and swim!

    Right now, I sign the lease this next week. My office space is small, because in the town I live, the lease space is 19-22.00 a square foot, plus triple net which are the fees for parking, ground upkeep, etc. Therefore, a 1000 sf space would be about 2000.00 a month, plus utilities, and other fees. I have currently been working as an independent contractor for two small jobs that have not paid much but were flexible in hours as I am single and taking care of my dad with lung cancer, so I cannot afford those prices that might have gotten me a more traditional custom medical space. I found this great little building, with a corner suite, and a door that opens directly into the reception area from the outside, so no one has to go through the main building. There is one main exam room. I may be able to build a wall in the reception to add a second room later on. I am in the process in the next two weeks of signing the lease, painting, and figuring out the furniture that will allow for privacy, and yet comfort and usability for years to come. I also have purchased Amazing Charts, and plan to keep only electronic records, no paper. I will also connect it to Medi Soft, and I have contracted with a wonderful biller. I have business cards, and brochures, and magnets, which include my new website. The website is just filling space right now, but as I get into the practice pictures will be taken, and more detail will be written. I also plan on doing housecalls as part of the practice. So it will be a combined office/housecall practice. I will keep you posted. I have many questions, but once I get them answered, which may be by trial/error, I will keep records and share with all. There is no reason for each of us to re invent the wheel. I have one NP in Washington, who I have never met, but she has her own practice and she has been very supportive to me with her emails. I would give her name, but have not asked her yet. Anyway, regards for now. Carla

  5. Carla,
    I read your posts with interest. I have my own clinic which is designated as a rural health clinic and the rules and regs that govern rhcs, especially to get licensed and accredited, all follow the guidelines set by that same body (rhc). There is a check off sheet that we use to get ready for a visit and believe me, when they visit, they look at every last thing on that list. As for fire, health codes, make sure you have exit signs at the entrance and exit of each hall, lobby, etc. We have a building that is very old and have different height ceilings. Down the hall that we always use, the ceiling dips about 6 inches and during the inspection by the fire marshall, he wanted us to lift that ceiling to the height of the other ceilings. We jsut about lost it because to start reorganizing our office would probably lead to building collaspe, not to mention the money and how much it would cost. Thank goodness for the architect who looked up laws and found one that stated if the building was built before such and such a date, it could be grandfathered in (or something like that), so we didn’t have to do anything to the ceiling. There were other little things that went fairly ok. If I can find that rhc checkoff, i’ll send it to you when time allows.
    You can go to Vistaprint.com for inexpensive business cards, brochures, calendar magnets, etc. Some things are too high priced, but if you wait for the sales and just get the minimum and pay the postage and then reorder, you can stock up on advertising aids. Newsletters and handouts or fliers are best done at your office on cheap paper. Hook up with Council on Aging, Assisted Living facilites, etc., and during their monthly dinners or any other occasions, bring your fliers and cards and have them put in all the bags. Take blood pressures, cholesteral checks, blood sugar checks at any event that occurs in your area. Chamber of Commerce sponsors trade shows, Cooperative Extension (4-h, farm information, etc.) sponsers health fairs every year and make an excellent opportunity to put up a booth, give out information, talk to people, let them get to know you. Volunteer to speak at any occasion – health fair – talk on any subject – my mantra is diabetes and heart disease because we have so many patients with those diagnoses but any topic will do – if now health fairs now, invent them. Get your name into a town newsletter where you give a little tidbit of info or a saying and then toot your horn by giving your credentials, your clinic address and always put your website address because on your website you can talk about yourself all the time 24/7 and no one can tell you otherwise.
    I do free diabetic education classes in my office every four months and have done so for the last 5 1/2 years and about 1 1/2 yrs ago, i branced out to a town 20 miles away. I found a nice place where i could do the class in this city free of charge. I get the drug reps to give me pads of paper, ink pens, clocks, cups, glasses, etc., and spread these out among the patients in little “goody” bags and they love getting something! One rep has kept me supplied with blood sugar monitors from the get go and i give those as door prizes and also give them free to my patients that don’t have insurance, and to anybody who attends the classes if they want one and write them a script for the test strips, etc.
    For your building, the rent does seem a little steep, but then i don’t know the locale and the cost of living may be higher than here. Find a local carpenter who someone else you trust knows so they won’t pull your eyeballs out and contact them and tell them what you need – they can erect walls anywhere you want them and help or do the plumbing with maybe a little help from a plummer because they cost too much to do the whole job. Make a little cabinet to hold the sink and whah la – you have it made. You could also have then put a very little desktop where you can put your laptop or other charting device – very simple – no top to it – just paint, paint, paint – it does wonders and covers up plenty of mistakes.
    Where did you locate the forms from Amazing Charts – is there a web site?
    Anybody know where to get a notebook pc at a reasonable price? I have not found any and would love to get one?
    Have to go to work – will write on this later as time permits. I have a lot on my website which is far from a point where I’m satisfied. The address is http://www.shirleymedical.com
    Good luck with your new venture!
    Barbara, thanks for forming this new list serve! It was a great idea and one we can all learn from. I wish I knew how to get all this stuff on my site – you have done a remarkable job with the homepage!


    Nina R.

  6. Great information everyone is sharing! We really will have to add the forum to the site soon!

    Nina…excellent post, excellent information. I’m going to add your clinic website as a link. As far as this “homepage” goes, this is a wordpress blog – just a template.

    I do a lot of websites and will be posting an article and some tools about getting your business online.

    In the meantime Nina and everyone else…you can subscribe to the feed. The link is on the left of the homepage…the section is titled “Feed On”. I’ll find an icon to add…

  7. Hi Nina,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your excellent tips and wisdom. One thing, I did not know my website was published on here, when I mentioned it, so for those who viewed it, so sorry. It is better now, with more information, but I am going to add a separate housecalls page. Also some better digital photos, appropriate size with greenery behind me, which seems to be the key to looking better! I know, once I get going I will have more to share. I am going to a WEO (Womens Entrepreneur Org) meeting coming up, and another NP I know is going as well. That will be a great starting place for networking. I was actually contacted by the President of the Kiwanas club, and they have guest meetings in the local library once a month. Next month I am going, and hopefully will be able to give an introductory speech.

    And thanks Nina, I actually already found Vista print, and that is where I custom made my brochures, and magnet business cards that have the website on it, and phone number. I thoroughly agree that little gift bags are awesome, I know I love getting them. Thanks for the tips about the building walls/different ceiling hts, and building a sink.

    I thoroughly enjoy viewing other NP owned practice websites, whether in Texas, Washington or here. It is a great informational tool. Thank you for sharing. Regards, Carla

  8. Re: Rx PadsDoes anyone know how to order prescription pads? The blue security coated ones? I have looked at several in people’s offices , but then they don’t seem to recall where they got them. I can download just one at a time for the Amazing Chart,but I would like to have some separate books. Carla

  9. General update:

    I am starting to get furniture into the site. The desk is already there, with a partition wall for privacy. I have a magazine rack coming and a coat rack. There are reception chairs and a coffee table that is also arriving soon. There is a bookcase. I am getting on Craigs list a Tea Cart, as I am more concerned about patients being comfortable, then worrying about them spilling tea and coffee which will be served. In the exam room, I have a teal Ritter table, stool, and 2 chairs. I am in the process of getting a long low buffet bench , which offers great storage, and yet also serves as a window seat , or for patients to put their keys/purses/ jackets on, when they are in the exam room. There is a mini fridge, and I am in the process of ordering the mobile sink, which will be in the exam room, as I think it is very important to have water IN the exam room, not down the hall. That is just my personal opinion. I opted to go with QWest, and they met with me, and are setting up an account. They also will supply a lot of lab supplies, and of course the courier service.
    The landlord of the building has been very supportive but at this time, I cannot build addl walls. There is still a lot of work to do, and as many know, my dad passed away, so my energy has slowed. I am dedicating this practice to him, as he was a physician before he retired, but truly one of the “old fashioned” courtesans that really cared. A friend of mine Susana in Vancouver, has started her practice, and been very helpful in giving me some ideas of where to order things.

    I did get my Clia Waived package straightened out, and it is in the mail. I am not going to advertise, until I get further along with the furniture, and supplies. I still need to get credentialed with all of those insurance companies, including medicare. I did order security Rx pads, through RxPads.com and so that is good. Things are getting done, that is all for now. I hope to hear from more of you with your own practice! Carla

  10. Hi Everyone! Just getting caught up on posts and finding my way around. Barbara, thanks for taking this project on. I see it becoming a great resource.

  11. Edwina,

    The first thing I would do is take a look at any laws/regulations regarding telemed for your state. I would also look at insurance companies to investigate reimbursement.

    Finally, to hear from an expert in the field…I did a hangout with Troy Heidesch, DNP and owner of Smart Housecalls (a telemed platform). You’ll find the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf4aAs8O5YM.

    Let us know if you have further questions.

    ~ Barbara

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