Urinary Incontinence Practice?

Interested in a Win-Win Practice?

Many Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants around the country are in practices, either self owned, or owned by others, where the focus is getting your patients dry. Others are looking at adding these services to their existing practice. Even mainstream TV has gotten the word that this is a major problem and patients want a cure, not product to wear. They want their dignity…and you can give it to them!

If you are new to this field, or if you have attended any of Helen Carcio’s courses where she teaches you how to develop this type of practice, you realize what a win-win situation this is. The need is massive, reimbursements are high and patient satisfaction is high.

But…you need equipment!

Your next step to this practice model is the equipment. New equipment can cost you in excess of $20,000…not to mention the cost of the consumables! But what if you could get the equipment at a fraction of the cost…and the consumables? Would you be interested?

Here’s the deal.

I’ve changed my practice model and am even changing my location. Why? Because I need to free up time to help clinicians get started in their own business. And thus, I’m selling the equipment I purchased after taking Helen’s course. I promise you, you will not find top of the line equipment, in excellent condition at this price anywhere.

Here’s What you Get

Easy Pro3 Advanced Urodynamics
(Value $14,200,00)
It includes: Easy Pro3 System Kit, Console, Scale, Uroflow Scale Pan, Cables, UroFlo Beaker, Pump, Remove Control, Power Supple, Shelf Pad, Trolley, Power Cord, LPD Adapter Cable, Printer and more.

Consumables (Valued at over $1500.00)
This includes T-Doc sensor catheters, abdominal catheters, electrodes and water pump tubing kits.

Along with the diagnostic equipment, you’ll want a way to treat your patients. That’s why the Orion Platinum Pelvic Floor Rehab System is so important. It comes with consumable sensors as well. This system and it’s consumables is valued at over $6,500.

That’s over $22,200 if you were to purchase it new. Actually, it would be morhan that if you consider that prices have increased since I made the purchase.

But wait….there’s more (Always wanted to say that!)

All of this comes with a variety of manuals and books, including:

  • A Practical Guide to Performing Urodynamics – SUNA
  • Urodynamic Primer: An Introduction to the Principles and Performance of General Urodynamic Studies
  • Beyond Kegals – Janet Hulme (plus Ball and Band)
  • Managing and Treating Urinary Incontinence, Second Edition:  Newman and Wein, 2009
  • The Little Black Book of Urology, 2nd Edition, 2007
  • Urology, 4th Edition, 2001

And as a bonus for the person who purchases all of this, I will transfer the following domains names to you:

  • www.UroHealthCenter.com
  • www.UroHealthCenters.com
  • www.UroHealthClinic.com
  • www.UroHealthForWomen.com
  • www.UroWellness.com

And…we are including FREE Shipping. Where can you get a better deal?

This is priced to sell and surely won’t last long. If you are interested, fill out the contact us form for more information.
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  1. SO interested in this equipment. Just finished Helen’s course this last weekend and I am PSYCHED!! Wasn’t planning to acquire urodynamics for a while, but would love more info.

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