Smart Phones and Medical Apps

palm-preSeems these days everyone has some sort of smart phone. We use them to manage our lives, keep us organized, keep in contact, share, and function better in the exam room (“second brain”).

As a long time Palm OS user, I opted for the PalmPre last year. There were several reasons, the main one being my available networks are Verizon and Sprint. This past week, I was thrilled when Epocrates came out as a native app for the Pre. That got me thinking…which SmartPhone/PDA  are you using, and what medical apps do you have on your phone?

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  1. I use epocrates almost daily. Have tried a couple of the diagnostic apps, and the one on epocrates is as good as any.

    Medcalc works well, too.
    I’ve been thinking about a coding app, but just haven’t executed.

    PS, Love your blog, layout is nice, easy on the eyes.

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