Renee Thompson on Incivility in Healthcare

Incivility. Disruptive Behavior. Bullying.

Those are terms that we are all familiar with. Perhaps you’ve been a witness to it occurring or even taken part in delivering this behavior. It’s even likely you’ve been the recipient.

Unfortunately you are not alone.

What can we do about it? To begin with, let’s talk about this with expert Dr. Renee Thompson.

In this episode of the NP Business Matters Podcast, we’ll discuss:

  • How to identify the difference between bullying and incivility.
  • How to address workplace (school, association, facility) culture to improve the situation.
  • Things you can do to set up your own practice to avoid disruptive behaviors.
  • Looking at your own behaviors to become self-aware.

I love this powerful question that Renee puts out there when she is working with a team…”How do you always want to be treated by each other and how do you never want to be treated by each other?” What would happen if that question was asked in all environments?

This is a question you’ll definitely want to take to your personal and professional environments.

Listen to this episode to learn more….

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