Nurse Practitioner Interviews

interviews.jpgOne of my many goals this year is to have interviews and teleseminars where we talk with NP’s who own their own business or practice. I have started the process of contacting various NP’s and hope to have our first interview before the end of this month.

If you are someone who would like to be interviewed, or if you would like to suggest someone, please use the contact form on this site (top of the page, 4th tab from the left) or send an email to bcp @ (remove the space).

Edit: I just created a survey to find out which day and time you can attend a live teleseminar. This will give us an idea of the best time that the majority of you will be able to participate. The survey is only two questions and will take just a moment. Thanks for your participation. Take the Live Teleseminar Survey!

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  1. Barbara,
    I think that is a great idea to expose everyone to the many facets of owning your own practice. Where most people would come forth with enthusiasm, I could present the other side of the coin because I have seen it all (just as soon as I send this something different will come along).

    I started my business with much “gong ho” ready to take on the world and provide the best possible medical care to my patients and to offer educational programs to reinforce what I try to teach them when they come into the office. Programs such as this are another way of attracting new patients to your practice and at the same time promoting the NP profession as knowledgeable and completely dedicated to the profession and the patients.

    I had so many ideas for the clinic – I wanted to start a Physical Rehab for patients of my practice as well as anyone in the community; I almost had a dental clinic started and was nixed by petty meddling and we lost the opportunity to service the area with a much needed service because so many of my patients have abceses for example and wait months before seeking help primarily because they don’t have transportation. I was very disappointed in those lost programs which would have been soooo wonderful for the entire parish,

    Now I am drowning in debt – partially because of my poor business skills and from former staff sabotoging and stealing everything and anything. It is maddening to think that those former employees would not have dared to do any of those acts had I been a male doctor – and that sticks in the craw! Why can’t we be treated equally as providers AND as women (or men)? Because they don’t have good work ethics and think they can get away from any blame. I fear we have many years ahead of opposition for individual practice unless the boards of nursing and the medical boards realize that we must have the same freedoms as doctors because we are on the front lines working our tails off as many doctors do also – but the respect is not always there and though I usually don’t mind, but when I tell someone to do something and they walk away and never do what I asked and find whatever undone later on and am so frustrated and when i confront said employee – they usually deny that it wasn’t done or that they had actually done what I told them to which usually wasn’t true at that point also.

    I’m sorry to be so negative, but I have appealed to many resources for help such as our legislature (who is now our Senator) and other officials, as well as the public and to no avail. If I have to close my clinic, the poor people will not have any place to go because I am the only one in town taking Medicaid and some Medicare because others don’t want to see them because of many reasons I’m sure. BUT that means things never get done and definitely to save my clinic which should be turned into a community clinic – but they just don’t care enough to buy in to the idea.

    It’s difficulties such as this that wear me down after six years and I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am worried because I love what I do and my patients are so loyal and I just don’t want to go anywhere else.

    Well, I’ll close and if you think I would rain heavily on ya’lls parade, I would like to be interview. I might even be able to get our new Senator to agree to an interview because he and I had a long talk and his thoughts are that NPs must have a supervising MD – I unloaded on him with instances of patients comin to see me after going to see another provider and they were soooo sick – and there was not MD present. I gave many more examples and he probably wanted to get off the phone very bad but he listened politely and we ended the conversation with each our own opinions which were totally different.


    Nina Ravey

  2. Nina, You are actually one of the people I wanted to interview, I’ve sent you a private response.

    Everyone…I’ve edited the original post to include a survey in order to determine which days and times are best for you to participate. It’s only two questions. I’d appreciate knowing what works for you. Thanks!

  3. Good morning Barbara, it’s Clavel from NJ. I wanted to comment on what two NPs in NC had said about paying collaborating physician, but the feeder was down. I really appreciate their comments. I reecntly learned that in NJ, I cannot hire a MD. I wanted to know what arrangements did those NPs made in NC. Since I cant’ hire a MD in NJ, what do I do ?. Do I contract with one-is that considered hiring? Do I partner with a MD ?.
    Regarding teleseminar-let me know which day/s the seminar will be occuring and I will try my best to attend.

    I really empathize with Nina-it’s tough, regardless of working for your own or someone else. I have been reading “How to start an Independent practice” by Carolyn Zaumeyer MSN, ARNP. It’s a very good read, and if you haven’t read it, you may want to consider doing that. I hope you all the best, and keep the faith. Your patients need you!

  4. Barbara, I would like to do an interview if you would like one. I am not closing my practice just down sizing and renting space in another office. I would love to tell my side of the trials that come with owning a practice. I have been asked by Advance magazine to do one for them regarding my decision to close my current location and I figure I could answer both interview questions some what the same.


  5. Grace, great….I’ve sent you a message.

    Clavel – the day and time will depend on everyones preferences and the availablity of the NP’s being interviewed. Most likely we will hold them at different times so everyone gets a chance to attend.

    Once we start getting everything firmed up, I’ll post the schedule where to sign up for the calls and to be able to ask specific questions.

    Everyone…please fill out the survey to give us a better idea about timing.


  6. My practice is fairly new but I am willing to be in on the call. Will it be like a conference call ??? that sounds good well just let me know…I am sure we all have something to share…. Thank you Barbara and everyone who contribute to this site…

  7. I am interested in the call but would like to more information before registering. Thanks.

  8. Ritha and Sebrina,

    The call will be a series of conference calls (I’m arranging for web as well as phone access) – the dates and times will be announced. There will be a sign up for each call. The calls are free. I’ll be posting announcments and where to register as they come up.

    If you have not participated in the survey for preference of days and time, please do so. Right now…Sunday evening seems to be the most popular time – which is great…it works for me! However, the times will also depend on our speakers, and most likely they will be a variety of times.

    Thanks for your interest!

  9. In response to Clavels comments about hiring a MD. I have not done so, but I am familiar with what others in NC have done. It is true in NC that an NP can not hire a physician. As far as the collaborative role that is different. The physician is not really an employee. Another Np in my town however does have a physician working in her practice. What she did was subcontract one to work in her practice.
    I would also love to be involved and hear what others have to say in this interview. I have just opened a practice about 1 month ago.

  10. Hi Barbara,

    I would also like to involved in the interview. I am fascinated by the vast differences between states, with so many variables, from physician np relationships, insurance rates, rent rates, patient demographics, and so on. Even in the surround neighborhoods around Portland Oregon, all the practices are so diverse! That alone is something to talk about. Carla

  11. Hi Everyone,

    I just completed the page where we can all sign up for notification of the interviews.

    The live calls will be available via phone (you pay long distance) or via the web. You will be able to answer questions of the NP’s we will be talking with. (Just secured this service – will be exciting!)

    I have a few confirmed dates and will be working on getting more NP’s on board who agree to be interviewed.

    Thus far, people filling out the survey are indicating that the wekeends and evenings are best for these calls, so that may be what we do. I’m sure there will be some variation, depending on the availabilty of our guest.

    Sign up for automatic notifications of the calls at


  12. Where is the link to click after signing up for the telesimnars ? I don’t see one on the sign-up page.

  13. Clavel,

    Looks like you found what you were looking for.

    If anyone else is having problems, please let me know.


  14. Hi:
    Just starting a new independent practice. The web site isn’t even up and running yet. Love the idea of supporting each other with experience.
    I’d be happy to volunteer for an interview a year from now. Looking forward to hearing what others have done.

  15. Hi Margaret !, where are you located. I have been doing independent work for a commercial ins company-this is my business for now. Love the idea of Independent practice, but may one that I know of here in NJ. Here’s a question for you, when you did your business plan, who were your competitors for your target market? I think I’m stuck on this aspect because I can’t seem to find readily available data. I’m going to ‘pull it off” though, maybe in the next couple of years. I got a job recently, where I should learn a lot about billing/coding for visits. Right now I have to do claims for my Independent work, so that’s pretty cool. Talk you soon.
    Clavel (NJ).

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