Nurse Practitioner Business: The Business Nuts and Bolts

Several months ago, I wrote an article – Business Nuts and Bolts – that was published this week in Advance for Nurse Practitioners. I’ve had wonderful feedback from colleagues on the NP Info and NP Clinical lists…which means quite a bit to me. Thanks to everyone for the kind words.

I’ve learned even more since writing that article. We’ve now been open for 10 months and while there are many good things about our practice, there are things I’d do different. I hope to be writing more about that as time goes on.

Back to Advance for Nurse Practitioners. I’ve been reading this journal for as many years as I can remember now. I like the relaxed atmosphere it has along with the practice tips I usually pick up. Over the years I’ve heard criticism that it’s not very “research” oriented…it’s not, but that’s why I like it. It feels more like NP’s talking with NP’s: sharing tips, personal experience, news and information. Best of all, it’s free to NP’s.

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  1. Looking to connect with other NPs or professional regarding private NP practice. Thank you!

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