NP Webinar: Health Coaching as a Business Model

Nurse Practitioners have been asking  about connecting with their patients online and via the phone, as well as being able to structure their business as health coaches. Health promotion, prevention and teaching is defintiely a strong point and it’s defintiely a viable business model.

The topic of the October NPBO™ Members Only Success Seminar focuses on setting this up as an add on to your practice, and/or as a stand alone business model. We’ll review just how you can go about getting started with health coaching and consultation, regulations to be aware of, precautions, reimbursement issues and more.

Watch your email, or check the NPBO™ forum for the webinar link to register.

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  1. Hi, I will be a FNP in May 2017. I love health coaching/wellness and would like to hear more.


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    Hi Jennifer,

    Congrats on choosing to become an NP! May 2017 will come quickly. Many employers are now using coaches in their practices and many NPs are starting businesses as life and health coaches as well.

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    Hi Jane. This is an older webinar that we have not repeated. Many RNs and NPs now do health coaching. Many universities and organizations offer certification programs including Duke and Vanderbilt. A quick Goolge search will give you lots of options. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

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