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Job Hunting like a Professional – NPBS27 with Renee Dahring, NP

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The majority of clinicians – nurse practitioners and physician assistants are not business owners, but employees. However, even though we focus on business here, all professionals are business and need to understand that.

On this episode of the NPBusiness Show & Podcast, I speak with Renee Dahring, NP and current president of the Minnesota APRN Coalition. She is also the NP behind the career blog at Advance for NPs and PAs and is known as the NPCareer Coach.

While we, of course, spoke about business and related it to job hunting, Renee was also able to give us ideas how to prepare and approach an interview regardless if you are a NEW nurse practitioner or a seasoned one.

Her biggest tips IMHO after having interviewed plenty of candidates are toward the end when she talks about the three biggest faux pas that nurse practitioner job candidates make. You’ll want to take a listen for that.

Enjoy the show, and happy job hunting!

Who is Renee?

ReneeDahringRenee Dahring received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from North Dakota State University. In 2000, she earned her master’s degree from the University of Minnesota and was reborn as a family nurse practitioner. She is a Certified Correctional Health Professional and has a clinical practice delivering care to inmates in several Minnesota county jails while teaching part-time at the University of Minnesota in the FNP program. She is the current president of the Minnesota APRN Coalition.

Several years ago she helped to build a national staffing agency, although she no longer works as a recruiter she decided to utilize her 5 years of direct experience in NP recruiting to do workshops and author blogs and articles which give employment and job search advice to NPs. You can read her blogs on the Advance for NPs and PAs website where she is known as their “Career Coach”.

Connect with Renee:

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Comments 2

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I graduated as an ANP since 2009.
    I am having difficulty finding a job which will allow me to acquire experience In that capacity.
    I constantly strive for excellence and like to be well verse in what I do.
    As an inexperience NP,
    I would feel more comfortable starting with a company that offers proper orientation instead of expecting me to see 25 patients a day after from day one.
    I have started writing a business plan and is planning to go back to school for post master degree.
    However, the initial steps are crutical to the execution of my plan.
    Any idea?

  2. Post


    What is the goal of writing a business plan? Are you planning to open a practice or another business?

    If you are considering a practice, and yet lack experience as an NP, I would suggest you get the experience you need and have strong clinical skills prior to trying to open a practice.

    It’s difficult to answer your question as there are many variables. But one of the first things I recommend before you move to deep into the planning to get very clear on your strengths and your goals. Do lots of research before moving forward with any business.

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