Getting Paid: Understanding Insurance Terms

Do you, your staff, and/or your patients understand these common insurance terms – deductibles, co-pay, and co-insurance? I bet you would tell me not everyone. Chances are most of the people working in or visiting healthcare practices need a bit of a primer on these important terms, what they mean, and how they can impact your practice.

In this new series on Getting Paid, I want to focus on just that, how we get paid. Episode #34 of the NP Business Matters podcast is going to talk about three terms that cause any practice that takes insurance a bit of indigestion!

Deductibles, Co-Pays & Co-Insurance!

In this episode, we’ll define the terms, talk about some practice scenarios, and what we can do to begin to implement some best practice.

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What problems has your practice experienced as a result of misunderstanding? I look forward to hearing your stories, thoughts, and questions about this episode in the comments below.

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