Did you start a business or make yourself another job?

Many NP entrepreneurs, just like entrepreneurs everywhere, dream of owning their own business. In our case, we dream of the types of patients we will see, how much time we will spend with them, how we will structure our day, make our environment the way we want, and eventually do well enough to support our selves and families in the manner we would like.

While most of us go into this with the idea that our “off” time will be limited, we are often hit with a reality that is different than we anticipated. You see – there is hardly ever any true”down time”.

I heard from one NP, who wanted to have time to write about her practice but just doesn’t have time right now. Here is what she said:

“… been too busy and then having staff leave like crazy and still trying to find a doc to be collaborating doc! Calgon take me away! I will post something on the blog about what I have been doing and going through because all NPs need to know that its not all a bed of roses by any stretch of the imagination!”

A few years ago, I read Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Revisted: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do ABout It.

I was impressed enough with the whole idea that I also purchased (and have yet to finish) E-Myth Mastery. I just found that Michael Gerber has also written The E-Myth Physician: Why Most Medical Practices Don’t Work and What to Do About It.

I think I’ll have to check this one out. I’ve now finished 10 months in practice (we are doing well thank you), and I’m tired. It’s time for me to hit the books and see if I can get some ideas to make health care more do-able. Having a practice and a life would be excellent!

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  1. I am a FNP who is just getting my foot in the door to open my own clinic with another FNP, long time friend. There are a couple of obstacles we have to hurdle one being finding a collaborative Physician. My goal is to find a physician in the area who is mainly interested in spending the minimum amount (10%) of time at my clinic. I would love a physician who is interested in only making a little extra money providing the basics, quality assurance, and etc. without seeing any patients. I am not sure how to lure a physician into being interested in this opportunity. Can anyone offer any ideas? The more ideas, suggestions, or information (pay/etc) on this topic the merrier.

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