Clinicians Business Tip: Why every Clinician is a Business

You are a Business!Clinicians (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians, and others) work hard every day to assist their patients move forward on the path to health, improve their quality of life, and sometimes improve quality at the end of life.  In our current reimbursement system of fee-for-service, and even in our future pay-for-performance, you are given credit for the work you do and the outcomes your patients have.

That credit is transformed into gross revenue  – either for yourself as the self employed clinician, or for your employer – who in turn pays you a salary.

If we look at it from this point of view, you are indeed a business as you are directly responsible for the activity that generates business revenue.

That said, there are several basic business skills that NPs, PAs and other clinicians will want to learn in order to be more effective “business people”.
–       Understanding contracting issues with independent contracting, employment, and when hiring employees.
–       How to find, negotiate and contract with a collaborating physician.
–       Understand revenue cycles and how they can affect your bottom line…and what you can do about that.
–       Discover the difference between the various ways we work and which may be most advantageous to you and your patients.
–       Find time-efficient and effective ways to market your practice and your services, which ultimately will build your practice, expand your services, and affect your personal bottom line.

We will be talking about these skills over the next several weeks. So be sure and check back frequently.

Question: What would you like to learn?

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