Blog Hijackers

The NP Business blog has been hijacked by spammers which has resulted in some less than desireable links. Please do not click any links that do not appear to be legit.  We get attemps at spam multiple times each day, this is the first time however that someone has gotten into the site and been able to post. 

We are working on this to remove all the posts and to tighten up the security of this blog.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    You may have noticed posts disappearing and reappearing. We are still working on the blog. The update caused quite a few problems – such as loss of categories, tags and some images.

    We will be working on the blog over the next few weeks, and we so appreciate your patience.

    If you need to contact us, please fill out the contact us form at NPBO.



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