SAGEClinician and Growing Pains


Growth is wonderful and sometimes comes with challenges.

We’ve seen that in our own practices when suddenly there are more patients that need to be seen than there is hours in the day and providers to see them. Things can sometimes get bogged down.

That’s what happened earlier today with the SAGEClinician Podcast. Apparently  the traffic to the site and people listening to the podcast episode caused the site to crash and go down.


Fortunately it was easy enough to fix and everything is up and running again.

If you don’t know about SAGEClinician, it’s a podcast where we talk about the non-clinical aspects of being a healthcare provider. It’s a conversation with thought leaders on self care, professional development, leadership, business, policy, legislation and more. I invite you to check out the show, subscribe, leave ratings and reviews, and tell your colleagues.

You’ll find the show on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Spreaker, and other popular media sites. Of course, you’ll find our app in your favorite app store as well.


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