Research: Job Satisfaction for Self Employed Nurse Practitioners

We have a lot of data about the quality of care given by nurse practitioners, but little research has been done on NPs who are self employed.

Catherine Lyden, RN, MSN, FNP-C, CCRN, PhD (c),  is a doctoral candidate in the nursing program at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. She contacted me about her research and you are invited to particpate.

From Cathy:

My name is Catherine (Cathy) Lyden and I am a doctoral candidate in the nursing program at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.  For my dissertation research, I am examining job satisfaction and empowerment of self-employed Nurse Practitioners.

If you have owned or co-owned your practice site for at least 6 months, I am inviting you to participate in this research study by completing the attached survey.

The following survey will require approximately between 30 and 45 minutes to complete.  If you choose to participate in the project please answer all questions as honestly as possible.

At the end of the survey you will be asked if you would like to participate in a semi-structured interview to help me learn about your experience as a self-employed NP.

The interview will take between 30-60 minutes, and be conducted in person, or using Skype ® or GoToMeeting®, depending on your availability or preference.

Thank you for taking the time to assist me in my educational endeavors.  The data collected will provide useful information regarding job satisfaction and empowerment of NPs in private practice.

If you would like a summary copy of this study please contact me with your mailing information.  Completion and return of the survey will indicate your willingness to participate in the study.  If you require additional information or have questions, please contact me or my committee chair, Dr. L. Kathleen Sekula, at (412) 973.6116 or by email:


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