NP Interview: An NP with a LTC Practice

lizsmithMy first job as a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner was in a long term care facility, otherwise known as a nursing home. Back then, it was not as an independent provider, but as an employee. In those days, there were few NPs working independently.

Fast forward to 2003 when Elizabeth Smith, NP began her business contracting to long term care facilities. She has expanded it from there to create a wonderful business for herself and providing much needed services to her patients, their families and the faclities that serve them.

On Sunday April 11th at 5pm Pacific (check for your time zone), you are invited our conversation with Elizabeth and explore the possibility to doing this for yourself.  If you already receive notifications for these interviews, just check your email. If you’d like to get signed up, do it today at NP Interviews.  I’ll look for you on the call!

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