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Nurse Practitioners and other clinicians have a great marketing tool they can use. It will not only educate their patients but will remind health care consumers that seeing their provider might be a good idea. What am I talking about?

Every month, there are national health observances. They are often talked about, seen and heard by the people that it matters the most to. Which is fantastic…because increases the chance your message will be heard as well.

The US national health observances are many. In February it’s Heart Health Month, Children s Dental Health Month and Low Vision Awareness Month to name just a few. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Send out a newsletter talking about one of these topics to your patients. Remind them to come for a checkup.
  2. If you use newspaper ads to promote your business, change it around to include a health observance. For example, if you have a pediatric practice, you might want to pass on a health tip about nutrition and oral health.
  3. Have information in your reception area that educates patients on a topic. Change it out every month to something relevant.  Chances are you patients and clients will find your up-to-date messages refreshing, and pass them on to others, creating some word of mouth exposure.
  4. Do the same thing for your social media updates, blog posts and the like.
  5. You may want to sponsor or create events for your practice around these observances as well – especially if it’s related to your specialty (ie Derm practices in May for Skin Cancer Prevention).

The thing is, you can do this every month once you have the US Health Observances calendar which is freely available at the United States HealthFinder website.  Once you have this information, it’s become easier to round out your health marketing calendar for the year.

You’ll find some months are rather sparse in terms of health observances and other months it may be hard to choose which of the many observances you’ll want to focus on.


What are you using now to plan your marketing calendar for the year?

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