Location Revisited

A Nurse Practitioner recently asked how location could be important when looking at creating a clinic for people with low income. I think it makes a huge difference.

When you are creating services for people, regardless of their socio-economic, culture, language status or ability, you will want to make sure you were addressing their particular needs. Thus location can be vital. You’ll want to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Will your intended clients have access to the clinic? If they are likely to use public transportation, is it located near a bus or light rail stop?
  2. Is the clinic located in their neighborhood? Does it feel familiar and safe?
  3. Is this in a location where your intended clients hang out?
  4. If they are driving to the clinic, does it have adequate parking for able bodied as well as disabled people? Is it well lit and safe?
  5. While not location dependent, consider as well cultural and language differences. Most often this will come into consideration when looking at neighborhoods, but may extend beyond those bounds as well.

A clinic that is in an area that is hard to reach, and unfamiliar neighborhood, or is inconvenient will less likely draw in the intended population. When you wish to be in service to a particular population of people, you must be considerate of their needs and desires.

Thus, location and can, and does make all the difference in the world. Regardless of the population you are serving.

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