Introducing: The SAGEClinician Podcast


I don’t know about you, but I’m often on the move. It’s hard to read when you are driving (really…not advised!), gardening or cooking. Thus, listening to audio through an iPod or other mobile device/smart phone for is great!  So…allow me to introduce The SAGEClinician Podcast!

Who is a SAGE Clinician…you are Smart, Astute, Gutsy and Enlightened.  On SAGEClinician, you’ll hear from our industry leaders, business people, policy experts and more. My first few episodes include AANP Co-President Angie Golden, Speaker Mimi Secor, CANP President Beth Haney, and Housecall expert Scharmaine Lawson-Baker.   And there are so many more waiting to be released!

Header over to iTunes or Stitcher Radio  subscribe, share and leave a rating  ~or~  listen and download the episodes right from the website.  More info at

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