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How To Leverage Paid Social Media To Market Your Small Practice; Part 3: Mistakes To Avoid!

Today’s topic is avoiding common mistakes when marketing on social media. It wraps up our three-part series on paid social media marketing.

Part 1 covered how to use social media for marketing your practice, and part 2 introduced how to set up your first ad on Facebook.

When it comes to avoiding mistakes, the idea is simple. If you know how to spot the red flags and sidestep the traps, you’re less likely to make some of the common mistakes with your social media marketing.

So, no matter which social media platform you’ll choose for placing your ads, be sure you… 

Don’t Make These Mistakes

Marketing without goals, objectives, or strategy.

Don’t market for the sake of marketing; know exactly what your objectives are and what you want to accomplish with your marketing.

Over time, you’ll have different goals for your marketing efforts. At times you may want to attract attention for your practice, generate leads, stay in touch with current patients, or introduce a new provider.

Another thing you want to do is define your criteria. How will you know you’ve accomplished your marketing goals! How will you be able to tell your marketing is or is not working?

But clear goals and objectives are not all you need; you also need a strategy! What are the methods you’ll use to accomplish your marketing goals? And how will you put them into action?

Sporadic marketing or marketing only when you need patients.

Don’t make marketing an occasional thing, “PRN.”

Think of marketing, including social media marketing, as an ongoing business activity. After all, you wouldn’t dig for water after you’re thirsty! Design your marketing and create your plan, and once in place, implement it.

While you may have more than enough patients today, you can trust that things will change in the future. People move, lose insurance, switch provider, and some die.

Don’t get caught by surprise. Don’t jeopardize your practice and your business. Create social media campaigns that will run ongoing, or ever so often. Ensure a constant flow of patients by marketing your practice on an ongoing basis.

Speaking to the wrong, or a poorly defined audience; not using targeted marketing or creating a clear message for your market.

Market to your ideal patient by tailoring your message. Don’t try to speak to the entire world, because if you talk to everyone, you will talk to no one!

Always speak to your ideal customer. Remember, your target market consists of a specific group of people, represented by your ideal patient. Focus on that person and talk to that person. Speak the language of your target market and make sure your message resonates with them.

Using generic marketing… but one size does not fit all!

Differentiate your practice, so it doesn’t look like all the other offices around you.

Set yourself apart by using unique messaging and engaging content. Make it easy for your target market to identify what makes you different and unique; make it simple to see how they would benefit from working with you.

Expecting overnight results and giving up too soon.

Marketing doesn’t always yield instant results, even when using social media ads. It may take some time before you know what works best for your campaigns and before you can dial in your marketing.

So, be prepared to commit time, some resources, and to fine tune your campaigns before you pull the plug.

Marketing without setting a budget.

Always set a daily or a weekly budget when running your ads, or your campaigns.

Setting a budget is particularly important when you first start buying ads since you don’t know what will work for your market and what they’ll respond to. Start small, with as little as $5 per day and go from there.

Set a budget and monitor your ads so that you can improve them. Stick to your budget and don’t allow yourself to get derailed by the next best advertising opportunity.

Not tracking and measuring advertising results.

Social media platforms allow you to target your audience and track their response. Platforms give you tools to measure how well your ads perform, let you make changes, and rerun them.

You can change an ad by tweaking a headline or updating an image, then run it again. And you can easily track the ad’s performance, but only if you’re willing to track and measure your efforts.


So, there you have it.

Now you know some of the common mistakes people make when marketing on social media, and how to avoid them.

No doubt, paid social media marketing can help you grow your practice. And while for most of us there is a learning curve before we’re up to speed, I believe it’s well worth the effort!

So, don’t waste time; get busy creating your first campaign.


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By Johanna Hofmann, MBA, LAc; regular contributor to the NPBusiness blog and author of “Smart Business Planning for Clinicians.

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