What you don’t know about compliance, WILL hurt you!

It’s true…you don’t know what you don’t know and this fact will not protect you! Recently, I attended an all day workshop and was really surprised and, admittedly a bit embarrassed by not knowing the depth and breadth of the compliance laws.

However, I learned that MOST practice don’t know this stuff (they are busy taking care of patients after all), yet that lack of knowledge does nothing to protect the practices we’ve worked hard to build. I knew that I needed to share this with my Advance Practice Colleagues  (NPs and PAs) who own practices as well as work in practice.s

So what did I do? I twisted the arm of the instructor to come and talk with all of us about what we can do!

For example, did you know that practices are required, by law, to have several different compliance programs in place? Do you know which ones they are? Are you aware of the LARGE fines you could be facing without them? And did you know there are some easy ways to get up to speed and have the appropriate documentation in place relatively easy?


On Sunday, June 5th @ 5:00PM PDT/8:00PM EDT, you’ll want to join me and my special guest to learn what you can do to avoid literally THOUSANDS of dollars in fees and fines and get your programs up and running. You will learn about what you need with OSHA, Medical Identify Theft and the new HIPAA/HITECH changes. Plus you’ll learn about all the reporting requirements.

It’s not a sexy topic by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s essential and taking the proper steps will keep you out of hot water for sure.

So set your calendars now, and join us on this no-cost webinar. Then make sure you join us Sunday, June 5th @ 5PM PDT  to learn how you can protect yourself, your business, your staff and your patients.

We will also share with you how you can easily create the forms and manuals you need for your own practice. Really, you’ll be shocked at what you don’t have in place.

Sign up here  http://bit.ly/lDMJdT

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