Clinicians Business Tips: There’s an APP for YOU!

AppsMobile devices and their Apps are becoming more common…not only in our personal lives, but professionals ones as well. The health care provider (HCP) who is looking for more ways to be more proactive and productive will appreciate the growing number of Apps that are available for both professional and personal use. Nurse Practitioners and other HCPs frequently ask what apps are most beneficial – here are some ideas.

When doing a search for medical or clinical Apps, there is no shortage of what you can find and use. There is a plethora of clinical apps, and many that specifically address the needs of your practice and clinical expertise.  However, don’t stop there…you’ll want to search for apps that will make your office more productive as well.

Apps are available that address medications (think Epocrates (a multipurpose app)  for example, though there are others, including Medscape) and clinic reference materials (5 Minute Clinical, Ferraris or Up To Date). You’ll also find apps to allow you to access your office (LogMeIn), address office productivity (DocsToGo); scheduling (DocMeIn); network with colleagues (Doximity) and so much more.

While those point of care references are so very important to us, sometimes it’s not enough. We need to keep up to date in a rapidly changing environment. It’s important to have a variety of different Apps that address the variety of needs that clinicians have on a daily basis. Here are just a few examples (all are cross platform unless otherwise noted):  iPad only, seem that intended audience  is health care consumers – you may want to share with your patients Appointment scheduling  The website says “physician”, but plenty of NPs and PAs are there as well. Offers news and networking with local providers, phone list and a HIPAA compliant areas to have virtual “hall consultations”  A long time favorite for many (yes, me too). Epocrates offers several versions of its product.  Recommended by Mimi Secor, NP – this site list apps, however is currently for iPhone/iPad only. Mobile medical apps reviewed by health care professionals. Created by two ER docs. There is more there than just CE’s. Clinical reference, medications and even videos. Free and paid tools, well established, popular amoung health care providers. No list could be complete without this long time favorite for antibiotic use. They offer over 300 apps for health care professionals. Have partnered with a number of publishers to bring clinical resources to your mobile devices. – A favorite for many – even gives you CE credit when utilizing the resource.

While we’ve listed just a few of the many options for clinically related apps, please be aware that we are not necessarily endorsing any one app over another. As I said, things change rapidly, and what works today, may not work tomorrow. Be sure and search the iTunes store as well as Google Play for Medical Apps that may be appropriate for your practice).  Bottom line…you’ll need to do your own due diligence and find the App that will not only work for you particular mobile device, but will, most importantly work for you.

Feel free to list Apps below that you’ve used in your practice, and if you will, tell us why you like it and how you use it.

©2012 Barbara C. Phillips, NP

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