Clinician1 – Social Networking for NPs & PAs

Clinician 1 is the first and only internet social networking community, where Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants go to connect, consult and converse about clinical, personal and professional information.

NP and PA members have the ability to join groups that center around the clinical specialties they practice and also around more that 50 special interest groups. These groups will center around issues and interests that are common to many clinicians. From “Just Starting Out” to “Retired Clinicians”, from “Owning a Clinic” to “Retail Health Care”, from “Burnout”” to “Parenting Issues”; there will be more than a number of groups that will interest the members of Clinician1.

In addition, Clinician 1 is a great informational resource featuring a 24 a medical news stream, blogs from very well known clinicians, links to the 30 best read medical journals and over 50 of the most noted patient information resources.

There will also be 20+ hours of CME being refreshed regularly.

The Clinician 1 Marketplace will also provide products and services to the NP and PA Communities where they can order discounted books, find tailored lab coats, subscribe to the BMJ Clinical Evidence Series, find out about a new employment position and even get malpractice insurance.

Clinician1 will be a place where prescribers can find out more about a new drug, indication or device, where they can review an educational slide deck, video and even request a rep visit and product samples.

Clinician 1, created by leading NPs and PAs in the country, is proud to offer you the invitation to join us.

Visit today:

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