Maximizing Revenue in the Nurse Practitioner Practice on

Owning a nurse practitioner practice can be both rewarding and challenging. While providing high-quality care to patients is always the top priority, increasing revenue is also essential to keep the practice running smoothly. For nurse practitioner practice owners who are looking to boost their income, there are several strategies they can implement to achieve their Read More

Do You Know The Difference Between Income and Profit? on NPBusiness.ORG

No, it’s not a trick question! While most of us think we know the difference between the two concepts, do we? And do we realize how confusing the terms might affect our bottom line? Because frequently, the two terms get used interchangeably. People mix them up and use them without qualifying what they represent! And Read More

A common concern of practice owners, especially with the real and potential cuts in reimbursement is “How can I generate more revenue?”  The topic is discussed not-to-infrequent in the NPBO™ forum, on health care provider social media groups and the subject of questions I receive in my in box. On Thursday 4/22/2010, we will be Read More