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SAGEClinician is now the NPBusiness Show

Welcome to the new NPBusiness Show and podcast. You might remember this show as the SAGEClinician podcast. In this episode you’ll hear: Why I have not published in a while. Why I changed the name Some announcements: Shout out to Dr. Rachel Silva and The Nurse Practitioner Show – check out her podcast. Thanks Rachel for …

SAGEClinician and Growing Pains

Growth is wonderful and sometimes comes with challenges. We’ve seen that in our own practices when suddenly there are more patients that need to be seen than there is hours in the day and providers to see them. Things can sometimes get bogged down. That’s what happened earlier today with the SAGEClinician Podcast.

Introducing: The SAGEClinician Podcast

I don’t know about you, but I’m often on the move. It’s hard to read when you are driving (really…not advised!), gardening or cooking. Thus, listening to audio through an iPod or other mobile device/smart phone for is great!  So…allow me to introduce The SAGEClinician Podcast! Who is a SAGE Clinician…you are Smart, Astute, Gutsy and …