“So, what do you do?” For most people, that’s an easy question to answer: I’m a lawyer I’m a teacher I’m a mechanic I’m a dentist I’m a … Done! More often than not, the person asking the question is satisfied with the classification and moves on to another topic. But for some folks, it’s Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Conference Experience on NPBusiness.ORG

As professionals, we know that graduating from university is not the end of our education. Not only do we need continuing education credits for state licenses and national certifications, but we also need to keep up to date on the constant updates and changes in medicine, healthcare, and legislation. Conferences are a great way to Read More

Attending conferences is a fact of life for nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers.  The annual American Association of Nurse Practitioners conference was held Nashville last month (June). There were many highlights and wins from the opening keynote with e-patient Dave, to awards and Fellows induction, fantastic sessions and closing ceremonies. And of course…networking. There is Read More

Online Nurse Practitioner Programs recently release a list of 55 Google Plus pages from NPs and NP/RN entrepreneurs. We love the shout out! Go an check out the post – you’ll find all sorts of new resources  and ideas.  I encourage you to G+ (ie, like) the various pages and follow along share timely information Read More